November 2022


How many times have you thought about including exercise in your daily regimen and then just get overwhelmed with your long list of existing commitments that seem to take up all of your time? We all know what it’s like to go through the reasons why you don’t have time for exercise! As you try to reconcile how to fit it in, you move on to planning the calendar for your kid’s sports events, work deadlines, and doctors’ appointments. In that brief moment of scheduling confusion and being overwhelmed by responsibilities, you once again drop the idea of exercise. What people don’t realize is it’s not what your workout consists of or how long it is.  Establishing a consistent workout routine is the most important thing, no matter how small you might think it is.

Being consistent matters

Just putting one half hour block into your weekly schedule and sticking to that half hour every week (no matter what) starts you on the path to a healthier body and mind. Don’t worry about if you think a half hour per week is too short, eventually you will try to increase it, but a half hour is easy enough to find time for in your week’s activity. The big secret is with consistency, your routine will become natural. An important part of your day.  The appointment for your health will be inked into your calendar and nothing but an absolute emergency will be allowed to alter it. The important part is not to be overwhelmed by all the reasons you can’t work out and consistently book that half hour with yourself. Watch your mind, body and stress level change.

Examples how workout routines can be programmed into your life

  • Every Monday, after my child is on the bus, I’m going for a half hour walk – RAIN OR SHINE
  • Every Friday night, I’ll lay out my sneakers and gym clothes so that on Saturday morning I’ll jump on the treadmill or bike for a half hour before anyone gets up.  I will explain to my family, this is my “healthy me time”!

Both examples are different routines but if you are consistent with actually doing the work, either will prove to be beneficial.

Takeaways for personal progress

Watch how proud and strong you will feel when you really make that one workout day a consistent part of your routine. Remember, make no excuses to skip out and preserve that personal time for you to better yourself. Over the years of working with all sorts of clients just beginning on a path of exercise, we have found people who commit to at least 45 days of consistency will see their workouts become routine. It’s something about passing that 45-day threshold where body and mind establish the fundamental need for exercise and the chemical release that comes with it.

If you start with this important step towards consistency and routine then without fail you will see that the next step towards additional progress is possible. Contact us at G2 Training about how we can help you begin your journey towards consistent exercise and becoming physically fit and in the process become mentally stronger!

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