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“G2 Training is just what the North Shore of Long Island needed. We have so many big box gyms but none that feel very specialized to an individuals fitness needs and goals, G2 is exactly that!!!!
G2 has offered my wife, daughter and myself individual fitness plans in a fun, clean and most of all positive environment. The team at G2 not only knows their craft but they also know how to make people feel welcome and part of a community!”

seth f

“G is fantastic to work with. She is great and I am very happy to have her training me. I would recommend G2 Training to anyone who is serious about getting fit and live a more healthy life style.”


“G2 Training is a JEWEL! When I first checked them out I couldn’t believe they recently opened in such close proximity to some other well-known fitness centers. But when they explained what they do and after I tried their trial sessions, I am totally impressed and very appreciative of their attention to my goals and needs! Obviously, I highly recommend G2!”

Chris Lis

“I’ve visited G2 Training when they first open in September and was very impressed with what the studio was equipped with. I met both owners George and G who were very welcoming and friendly. I began training here with George for the last 3 months who has helped me improve my endurance and stamina making me a better player on the sports I play at my school. I am now a full-time member and highly recommend their services.”

JD Molina

“Hey! Before you scroll away, read this – trust me. So you’re looking to get healthy and fit. I’m 14 and I was never motivated to get healthy. My parent was always looking for trainers and methods for me to get fit, but I would always stop doing those things after a few classes. My mom found G2 Training on google just like you and she insisted that I should go at least check it out. This is what I found: A extremely modern training center with AMAZING people (the trainers) to help you through your journey. By modern, I’m not just talking about the center itself, I’m talking about their cool app that works SO well. Appointments are booked on the app and classes are also paid there as well. It’s so organized and smooth. Now the training. I can tell you that I haven’t quit and I will not. The training is well planned and trust me you will not get bored. PLEASE if not try, come check out the center. It will be worth your time.”

Surya Raghav

“I’ve always been a fan of personal training, but in recent years I have suffered several injuries which have led me to worry about my form and how hard to push myself. G and G have washed those worries away. I received a thorough assessment and all of my workouts are customized taking my well-being into account. I’m having fun and have already seen progress I’m excited about. So excited to see what 2019 will bring with the team at G2.”

Tara Levine

“I always had a gym membership, never saw results until I joined G2 – G and George are amazing. They listen to what goals you want and work with you towards those goals. If you want a personal one on one and someone who actually listens then this is the place to be.”

Laurie Ann Ellul

“I was skeptical about training at a “Personal” training facility until I actually visited and worked out at G2 – the staff was ultra responsive to my needs and we got right to work. Well worth the cost and I’m now I’m all in !!! You can’t compare this establishment to any of the chain Gyms. Thank you, G for all your help !!!”

Keith Stone

“G and George are extremely supportive. I love that they are always here to help and lift everyone of their clients up. Can’t say enough good things about them.”

Teri Azzue

“best 1 on 1 gym in the area. G makes you feel right at home while working out.”

nikolas camacho

“I started going to G2 when they first opened because they offered a TRI G2 special and have not stopped since. The studio is super modern, well equipped and not intimidating at all, which is really important to me. This is my first time going to a one on one personal training studio and it’s the best decision I’ve made. I’m able to get the training with George and G (who are great btw) and personalized workout experience. They’re very hands-on and they always make sure I’m doing everything I need to do to help me reach my goal. Do yourself a favor and check out this gem of a studio.”

Marlene Ventura

“G2 Training is simply the best place to work out!! The individualized attention and the motivation they give is unparalleled”


“We are in our mid-40s and like many others in our age group we found ourselves with aches and pains, feeling unfit and unable to sustain any particular workout or gym habit despite trying a few times. We saw G2 training open up in Syosset and walked in to see what it was about. From the first moment we met G, she was completely in tune with what we needed to do in order to achieve our fitness goals. She did a thorough intake and listened to us and recognized our challenges. It has now been 2 months since we started and we have both not felt this strong, fit and well since we were in our 20s before having kids and careers.

The atmosphere is friendly, the gym is super clean, and most importantly G identifies our needs on a weekly basis, keeps the training fun and challenging and we love coming here. Our daughter who is 15 also has started coming here and is developing a fitness habit at a young age.
We could not recommend G2 any higher. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT.”

Neeraj Kaushik

“I have been training with G for about 5 years now. It all started in Qns and now I have followed her and her partner George to Syosset. Personally, I love the fact that G pushes and motivates me to my full potential.
Every workout is different and targets my full body. G finally convinced me to try her Spin/HIIT class. I was seriously afraid of Spin until I tried it!!! I absolutely love it now. It works my entire body while we spin to awesome music. The strength training and combination of Spin/HIIT is a game changer!!”

Tracy Florio

“G’s spin class is amazing!! Awesome workout!”

Daomine Zamilus

“…you push me to work hard while still keeping my health in mind and your concern is always my wellbeing. Through training, I’ve accomplished a healthy lifestyle through working out and eating right. I’ve become more confident in myself and feel overall healthier.”

Lia P.

“…you push me to improve through motivation and respect. Not only have I gotten healthier physically, but mentally as well.”

Frank S.

“…I never get bored! Workouts are always changing, you give confidence that I can do more, and you are always pleasant…you practice what you preach, set a great example.”

Lori M.

“I feel strong and comfortable in my body. You have helped me achieve confidence-mentally and physically through job and huge life changes! Nurtured my mind and body through pregnancy.”

Shanna L.

“Over the past few years I have been member to several gyms and was never able to commit myself fully but when I workout with you I feel like I’m accomplishing my goal. You push me and help me to strive to be better, not just physically but also emotionally as well. I have accomplished losing the weight I wanted as well as gaining confidence in myself.”

Krista J.

“I have never felt or looked better in my life and that’s really saying a lot coming from a mother who had three kids. I feel stronger, healthier, and happier.”

Suzie L.

“Because of you I am able to do exercises that I never thought I’d be able to do without falling down or taking a breather. From modified pushups to regular pushups. We never do the same workout twice. I never dread coming to see you. You’ve made me a better me.”

Melissa C.

“In 2013, my life took a turn from being a wife, mom and 20 year law enforcement veteran to include being a cancer survivor. Post cancer, I was determined to be healthier and more confident. G’s skill, thoughtfulness, knowledge, motivation and commitment to her work guided me every step of the way…”

L. Mifsud

“I have been training with G for close to 3 years now….Every session is new and challenging. She is always pushing me to limits I never knew I could accomplish…I leave the gym feeling not only strong physically but mentally as well.”

Renee B.

“Through the years I’ve accomplished positive results and being stronger.”

Antoinette S.

““…you continue to make me work to my potential and beyond. I’ve accomplished so much between creating a body I never expected and a mind that tells me I can do anything I want because I say so.”

Diane S.

“…you changed my perspective on exercise. You’ve taught me that…simplicity along with consistency really goes a long way! You’ve taught me so much about the importance of diet!!! You’ve taught me what a balanced diet was and that the word “diet” doesn’t have to mean misery, you can also enjoy yourself if things are balanced and feel guilt-free!!…”


““G is simply the best! She gives you the most amazing full-body work out in 45 minutes and she plans exercises that zone-in on the areas that you want to improve. After a session with G, you truly feel toned and tightened. I always look forward to my next session!”

Cara Testa

“I had the pleasure of working with George and G in setting up their gym. I’ve never met a more capable and knowledgeable trainer(s) in all my years of being in the gym industry. I highly recommend G2 Training for personal 1 on 1 and group training for the beginner to the advanced athlete. If you are looking to be trained by people who truly care about your health and well being, this is the place for you!!!”

Christine Wright

“If you are looking to get in shape, tone up or to work out a sweat in a spin class, G2 Training is definitely the place for you. They offer 1:1 or group training tailored to meet your specific work out needs. Scheduling your work out is quick and easy on their app. If you are looking for kind, motivating trainers that push you beyond your limits in a comfortable atmosphere, G2 is the perfect place for you!”

Dana Manzour

“George and G at G2 are fantastic. Their facility is top notch and they provide high quality individualized training. I would highly recommend G2 Fitness.”

Michael Palazzolo

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