James became a Personal Trainer in 1993. During his tenure, he has gained great knowledge from certifications obtained and hands on working with a variety of clients.  They range from Nautilus Training Principles, AFAA, Post Rehab Conditioning (AAHFRP), NASM, and ASFA.

Many years ago, he realized that we rarely put ourselves first. Family life, work, stress, and many other factors dominate the greater part of our days.  It’s for this reason that James’ passion for being a Personal Trainer grew.  Helping clients to put themselves first, improving their health and fitness became a great focus of his.

Overall, James enjoys being that support system, motivating clients to reach their fitness goals and improving their quality of life.


Laura began her fitness career after becoming an avid Crossfitter and falling in love with the challenges it presented day after day. She began to spend more time at the gym than at home and realized it was time to ditch the desk job she had been at for 11 years and pursue her passion as a full-time personal trainer.

She worked in Manhattan for 3 years at Equinox as a personal trainer and at a CrossFit gym as a coach and HIIT instructor. As an athlete, Laura has competed in CrossFit and Powerlifting. In addition to being a NASM certified personal trainer, she is also certified in Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell Training and Pain Free Performance.

As a trainer, Laura aims to create workouts that are both challenging and fun so that clients look forward to their sessions and leave with a sense of accomplishment. She has worked with clients from the ages of 10-85 years old, from athletes to people recovering from injury, she believes that the best way to live a long healthy life is to take care of your body which in turn leads to mental health, clarity and happiness.


Korbin’s Introduction into the fitness industry started in 2016 after he made major changes to the quality of his health and lost 50lbs!! He did this by getting into CrossFit, changing his diet and altering his lifestyle to help support and maintain his newfound health.

Since his transformation Korbin has trained in many areas of fitness including CrossFit, Cycling, Long Distance Running, Boxing, Kickboxing and various other Martial Arts. Through his own experience and continued education Korbin helps people achieve the same goals he once had.


Train Hard, Live Free

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