Our Vision

Changing lives and health for the better… one by one

G (Gregoria) Myer, also known as G-Inspired, was a single mother who traded in a 10 year corporate career with Viacom Inc. to become a nationally certified personal trainer with NYSC in 2007. She was quickly promoted to the only female Master Trainer in NYSC, Glendale. She attributes this to the realization of her love of fitness and her gift of inspiring and motivating a variety of people to commit to be healthier and realize their strengths and abilities. Competing at 41 and 42 years old in Figure Bodybuilding competitions extended her book knowledge into hands-on experience into the science and commitment she instills in her clients today to reach their potential, no matter what their goals. G stands by her belief that implementing realistic, mindful changes have been proven to make a difference in health today and in the future.
George Mifsud is a retired 25 year NYPD veteran, husband, and father of two. Throughout his law enforcement career, he realized how vital it was to not only look fit, but truly be physically and mentally fit. He found that unlike other law enforcement agencies, training to be physically fit was left to him as an individual. Training through a variety of injuries and surgeries on his knee, back and shoulder taught him the importance of training in a way that kept his body healthy and strong…functional training.
George has always been involved in the world of fitness and believes in the advice of Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” With G2 he has realized his second dream, which again involves changing (and even saving) people’s lives!

Together We Are G2 Training

We are committed to designing and implementing programs that motivate and support people of all ages and fitness levels to improve their physical and overall health!