February 2024
My journey with G2 Training began in the wee hours of the night during a desperate search to reconnect to my body. I was feeling completely defeated after trying every imaginable YouTube home workout, buying every contraption that could fit in my apartment and getting nowhere.
I kept starting, stopping, starting stopping and all I was really accomplishing was making myself feel like a failure.. I knew I needed support.
When I found G2 through a search on “boutique personal training” all my check marks were immediately clicked. Personalized attention, an intimate and focused environment with flexible scheduling. It was such a full body “yes!” that think I sent my initial inquiry out at 4am that morning and booked my consultation that same week.
That was April of 2021, and the woman who sent that email has truly been completely transformed…both physically and mentally. My initial goal was simply to get back into my body, in a disciplined and healthful way. But through my commitment to showing up for myself at G2 2x a week for 30 minutes, I’ve blown that goal out of the water, and surpassed so many of the next ones I’ve set for myself.
Through the constant encouragement of James, and all the trainers at G2, I’m now lifting weight that at 5’1, and 110lbs I never thought possible. And the effect of seeing myself accomplishing these goals and watching my body transform in the process has such a ripple effect out to so many other areas of my life. The way I eat has changed, the way I sleep has changed, the way I show up to work, and for my friends has changed. Being in such positive relationship to my body, and its health has changed my entire life. Plus, it only helps when you can honestly say “daaaamn girl” when looking at yourself in the mirror!
In fact, I’ve been so inspired by the impact my training at G2 has had that at 45, I enrolled (and just obtained) my ACE Personal Trainer Certification. I couldn’t say it better than George and G… “Train Hard. Live Free.” And that’s just what I’m doing.
⁃ Alyssa Jayson

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