One-on-one personal training

Work with nationally certified trainers to reach your goals. It’s simple….If you are committed to doing the work, we will lead you to the place you may have struggled to get to. We LISTEN to and EDUCATE each client with regards to what they need to reach their individual goal. Nutrition, lifestyle changes, proper training all go hand-in-hand. We address each of those subjects in the packages we create for you. Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY ASSESSMENT to determine which package is right for YOU!

Not conditioned? Haven’t worked out in awhile?

Try our 30 minute packages

Workout already? Conditioned and ready to get to the next level?

45 min packages are for you


Not ready to jump into one-on-one training? Need the additional support of a friend to encourage you to show up and push through? We will accommodate you. Train at your level, even if you train in a group setting. A maximum of 3 people, so that we can ensure each of you are getting the most out of your workout.


High Intensity official Spinning classes built to train for endurance, strength, and FAT BURN. Burn 500+ calories in a training session. We will push you to do the work in a fun and energetic setting. Sweat to a variety of awesome, motivating music! You will see the results if you commit to do the work.


1-3 minute intervals of high intensity Spinning….jump off your bike to perform timed intervals of strength exercises for upper body, legs, AND core! No body-part goes unchallenged in this high energy class.


Designed for those of you who need to get to know us before making a longer commitment to our services. We understand that we need to prove to you that you will look forward to showing up to our beautiful, inviting studio…that you will get the work done with our motivation and guidance and that you will ultimately SEE results!

Try 3 half hour Personal Training sessions, 3 spin classes or a combination of both!



Train Hard, Live Free



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